Super Market

Supermarkets will now be able to augment their shoppers’ physical touch & feel shopping experience with relevant product information, user reviews, social connections and personalised offers. For the discerning shopper, this combines the benefits of online with the richness of in-store experiential shopping.
Shoppers use the Prioriti Mobile App to uncover the personalised offers and product information available to them as they walk through the Store. They also get detailed info, view videos of new products, get fellow shopper reviews, share the information with their friends and much more
Context & Personalization is powered by Prioriti AI. It determines the most relevant offers for Shoppers by instantly computing the shopper context, current location in the store, individual preferences along with their shopping history, current trends and many other data points
Shoppers’ presence in the Store is determined by the Prioriti In-Store Network Infrastructure. The in store network is a seamless integration of Wi-Fi, BLE Beacons, UWB and mobile device capabilities like Gyro or Accelometer
For Consumers,
shopping is made simple with Prioriti

Get only the offers that matter to you-
No more being inundated with junk offers

Prioriti AI smartly selects the relevant offers based on shopper context and preferences

Spend time shopping – Stop wasting time scanning numerous irrelevant offers


Connect individually with select shoppers who are in the store

Extend exclusive offers to a limited audience

Manage or modify the in-store marketing campaign in real time based on shopper adoption

Introduce a mix of bundle offers to appeal to different shopper preferences

Get rapid insights and campaign results


No more waiting in queues at the Food Courts. No more trying to attract the waiter’s attention to take your order in the restaurant. With the Prioriti Virtual Waiter, simply order from your own mobile, choose from a variety of payment options and get the food delivered to your table, while you spend quality time with your friends and family

Whether you are going dutch with friends or giving a treat to your family, Virtual Waiter is the way to go

Personalise your shopping experience