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Pratapa Bernard

Pratapa Bernard has over 26 years of experience in delivering innovations in the Mobility, Connected Devices and IoT domains. He built and led several high-performance Innovation and New Product Development teams in Start-Ups and in Global MNC majors. As Group Head & Vice President at Vodafone Group, Pratapa managed the team responsible for products tailored for the Emerging Market consumers and also Xone, which was focused on future opportunities for its European consumers. At OnMobile, besides heading the Product & Marketing functions, Pratapa played a key role in is successful transition from a start-up working model, to operating at Global scale

As a result of the Global Leadership roles performed, he has extensive experience across Developed and Emerging Markets, a keen understanding of the market dynamics, consumer preferences, has adapted to the local cultures or conditions and the ability to deliver results in new and challenging environments. His product experience covers the Converged Mobility demands of N America and Europe, with the Mobile-First or Mobile-Only scenarios prevalent in Asian and African context.

As a specialist in the Mobility, Convergence, Connected Devices/IoT space, Pratapa lays emphasis on ensuring consumers experience the value and benefit of the technology rather than having to cope with its complexity or limitations. This results in Usability and engaging User Experiences that are seen in the innovations like ‘Press * to Copy’, ‘Ready to Watch’, ‘reQall Active’ besides others

He is currently the Chief Executive Officer of Prioriti Pte Limited, a Singapore-based Startup that is working on the Retail Ecosystem innovations to deliver personalized shopping experiences

Pratapa holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering and a Post Graduate Diploma in Marketing Management.