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Ravindran Govindan

Mr Ravindran Govindan is a consummate serial entrepreneur with a track record spanning over 40 years. Ravi practiced as a solicitor at the Supreme Court of Singapore and grew his law practice into a multi-partnership firm specializing in Conveyancing and Corporate Law. Thereafter, he became an accomplished property developer of over 80 projects in Singapore, Malaysia and Australia before taking on the position of the Group President, Fisher Scientific Asia Pacific.

Ravi undertook several Acquisitions and Mergers for the Thermo Fisher Group in the 90s where he learnt the craft of doing business with the emerging Asian giants of China, India and Indonesia. Ravi’s experience and understanding of capital markets in Asia and Australasia is much sought after and he provides strategic advice to several companies including Latona Associates (the owners of Thermo Fisher).

Over the last 15 years he has been involved with the IPO or RTO of 6 companies on the Australian and Singapore Stock Exchanges and he is a director in over 100 companies in Singapore, Malaysia, Australia and USA. Since 2006, Ravi has focused his energies on Mercatus Capital – the vehicle through which he taps the financial resources and business acumen of over 20 Asian High Network individuals to provide Angel Funding and Incubation Services to aspiring Asian entrepreneurs. With an eye for paradigm shifting technologies and a management team that has the capability to take a company global, Ravi through Mercatus Capital, has provided seed funding and incubation to 40 companies in 5 years.